Undergraduate Students

All new undergraduate students, whether freshmen, freshmen-transfer (1 to 29 credit hours earned), or transfer (30 or more credit hours earned), are required to participate in new student orientation. These students are not allowed to register for classes without first completing orientation.  Freshmen are required to attend an in person orientation session, while transfer students may opt to complete their orientation through UTSA’s online program. The Office of Orientation and Family Programs assists UTSA’s freshmen, freshmen-transfer, and transfer students in fulfilling this orientation requirement. All in person programs afford students the opportunity to meet with an academic advisor and register for classes, as well as learn about campus services, resources, and student activities. UTSA Family Orientation gives family members an introduction to UTSA by focusing on student academic success, student life, and Roadrunner spirit and traditions.

Graduate Students

Graduate School Orientation provides the opportunity for new graduate students to receive an overview of how to succeed in graduate school, including the resources and services available to them.  More information may be found on the Graduate School Orientation website.