Academic Advising

The University of Texas at San Antonio recognizes that academic advising is an essential and critical component of our students’ educational experience and success. Academic Advising is a partnership between students and academic advisors. Every student is assigned a professional academic advisor to guide them through their journey at UTSA. Advisors engage students in their educational planning, teach them how to navigate the University system, and encourage them to take responsibility for their decisions

It is Academic Advising’s mission to support the holistic development of students by cultivating trusting and collaborative relationships. Academic Advising is an interactive and student-focused process. As a partnership, it is important for students to understand the responsibilities for themselves and their academic advisor.

Student Responsibilities

  • Read your e-mail communications from your academic advisor.
  • Learn and know where to find information about curriculum requirements, academic policies, and university procedures.
  • Schedule and prepare for your academic advising appointment.
  • Accept responsibility for decisions and actions that affect your educational progress and goals.
  • Understand the importance of registering early

Academic Advisor Responsibilities

  • Communicate curriculum requirements, academic and state policies, and university procedures.
  • Refer students to applicable support resources.
  • Encourage and guide students as they define and cultivate goals.
  • Teach decision-making skills and how to take responsibility for education progress.
  • Engage in training facilitated by the department to stay current and knowledgeable of department, college, and university-wide programs and requirements.

Students are encouraged to meet with their assigned academic advisor at least once a semester to ensure they remain on track with their intended degree plan. To schedule an appointment, students may call or visit.


Phone: 210-458-4900


Graduate  Advising

Graduate advisors may be professional or faculty advisors and assist students in developing intellectual potential, exploring educational opportunities and life goals. Students are also encouraged to develop mentoring relationships with faculty and departmental staff for additional information and support.

Graduate students are responsible for seeking adequate academic advice, for knowing and meeting degree requirements, and for enrolling in appropriate courses to ensure orderly and timely completion of their degree programs. Frequent advisor contact provides students with current academic information and promotes progress toward educational goals.

For more information on academic advising in their departments, graduate students should contact the Graduate Advisor of Record.