Auditing Courses

UTSA students and nonstudents who wish to audit a course may do so with the approval of the instructor and the chair of the department in which the course is offered, provided there is space in the classroom after all registered students have been accommodated. The minimum enrollment in a course must be reached without auditors.

Audit forms are accepted the first day of class through the 12th day of class (census day). No forms will be accepted past this date. Auditing entitles a student to listen and observe. Participation of an auditor in class is at the discretion of the instructor. No UTSA credit is granted for courses that are audited; no official record is made of enrollment in classes on an audit basis. Due to the format of studio/laboratory use, auditors are not approved for art courses. Students not enrolled in courses at the University are not allowed to audit courses that require the use of the University computing system, with the exception of the Learning Management System (i.e., Blackboard).

All auditors must submit a signed Audit Course Form to the Office of the Registrar, no sooner than the first day of class. A UTSA student pays an auditing fee of $25 per course. Auditors who are not registered UTSA students must pay an auditing fee of $50 per course. Persons over 65 years of age are permitted to audit without paying an auditing fee.

Permission to audit must be obtained and fees paid beginning the first day of class through the Census Date. Students who register for a course and later want to change the course to an audit must officially drop that course before submitting an Audit Course Form.

Nonstudent auditors who want library privileges may receive them through the Community Borrowing Program. More information is available at or at the UTSA Library front desk on the 3rd floor of the John Peace Library building.

Nonstudent auditors who want UTSA parking privileges must register their vehicles and purchase a parking permit. To purchase a parking permit, nonstudent auditors should go to the Parking and Transportation Services office in the Multidisciplinary Studies Building, first floor (MS 1.01.52), with their validated Audit Course Form.