The University of Texas at San Antonio

Online Catalogs

The UTSA Student Policies gives important information about academic policies and procedures that apply to all students, regardless of the catalog under which they are seeking their degree. It includes admission procedures, residence requirements, policies on grades and the grade point average, credit by examination, adding and dropping courses and withdrawal from the university, and scholastic probation and dismissal. Student Policies is produced annually.

The UTSA Undergraduate Catalog provides information about degrees offered by the undergraduate departments and lists the faculty. The chapter for each college describes the degree requirements for all majors offered by the college and lists the college’s undergraduate courses. The Undergraduate Catalog is produced biennially.

The UTSA Graduate Catalog provides information about degrees offered by the colleges, degree requirements for all majors, courses offered in the departments, and the faculty in each area. The Graduate Catalog is produced biennially.

Past issues of catalogs are located on the Previous Catalogs page.