Solicitation and Distribution of Materials

No individual, group, association, or corporation may use the grounds, buildings, housing or facilities owned or controlled by any institution or by The University of Texas System except as permitted by the provisions of the Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents and approved institutional rules and regulations. The term “solicitation” means the sale, lease, rental, or offer for sale, lease, or rental of any property, product, merchandise, publication, or service, whether for immediate or future delivery; an oral statement or the distribution or display of printed material, merchandise, or product that is designed to encourage the purchase, use, or rental of any property, product, merchandise, publication, or service; the receipt of or request for any gift or contribution; or the request to support or oppose or to vote for or against a candidate, issue, or proposition appearing on the ballot at any election held pursuant to state or federal law or local ordinances. Contact the Student Activities Office for UTSA regulations regarding solicitation and distribution of material on UTSA campuses.

Solicitation on Campus

Series 80000, Rule 80103, of the Regents’ Rules and Regulations states that no solicitation shall be conducted on any property, street, or sidewalk or in any building, structure, or facility of the UTSA Campus, except by the officers or employees of the University, acting in the course and scope of their authority, or by the Student Government (SG), or by a registered student, faculty, or staff organization of this institution. Such activities must be conducted in a manner that:

  1. does not disturb any academic programs or administrative activities of the University or any program or activity that is authorized by The University of Texas System;

  2. does not interfere with entry to or exit from a building, structure, facility or with the flow of pedestrians or vehicular traffic on sidewalks or streets or at places of ingress and egress to and from property, buildings, or facilities;

  3. does not harass or intimidate the person or persons being solicited; and

  4. does not violate applicable State, Federal, or local laws or regulations.

Non-University groups, individuals, or associations are not permitted to solicit, distribute, or circulate any petitions, handbills, or other literature in University buildings or on the grounds.

Newspaper vending is permitted only in the areas designated in advance by the President or his delegate. Any requests for other newspapers and/or additional distribution areas should be directed in writing to the Vice President for Business Affairs. Prior authorization to conduct solicitations or distribution of materials on campus by registered student organizations or by registered faculty or staff organizations must be obtained through the Office of the Dean of Students (student organizations) or through the Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs (faculty or staff organizations). Persons desiring to conduct solicitations or to distribute materials strictly for personal reasons or for personal profit or gain will under no circumstances be granted permission to do so.

Any violation of the above policy should be reported to the Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs, 210-458-4201.

Additional information on UTSA’s solicitation policy may be obtained in the UTSA Handbook of Operating Procedures or the Student Activities Office located at the Student Union 1.210 (Main Campus) or Durango Building 1.302 (Downtown Campus).

Posting Materials on Campus

A student or student organization may publicly post an approved sign on University property. Signs include billboards, decals, notices, placards, posters, and any kind of hand-held signs. Posting is defined as any means used for displaying a sign. A detailed explanation of University posting policy may be obtained from the Student Activities Office at UC 1.210 (Main Campus) or DB 1.302 (Downtown Campus). All materials must be approved for posting by the Student Activities Office.

Unauthorized Distribution of Copyrighted Material

Unauthorized copying or distribution (including peer-to-peer file sharing) of copyrighted works, including without limitation, books, periodicals, software, multimedia and musical works, may be unlawful and may infringe the owner’s copyright. Any use of UTSA computer or duplicating facilities by students, faculty, or staff for the unauthorized duplication or distribution of copyrighted works is subject to:

  • Appropriate disciplinary action
  • Civil remedies
  • Criminal penalties as provided by federal law (UTSA Handbook of Operating Procedures, Chapter 9, 9.11)

The University of Texas System’s policy statement on “Use of Copyrighted Materials” can help you determine whether your use of a copyrighted work is a fair use or requires permission.

Information on UTSA's Standard  for Unauthorized File Sharing limiting the use of peer-to-peer applications may be found on the Office of Information Security website.