Official Communication

The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) provides all students with an email account, which ends with (UTSA email), upon matriculation to the institution. The official means of student communications at UTSA is through the email. Starting October 4, 2021, UTSA will discontinue the preferred personal email address option and all email communications are required to flow through the address assigned to the student.

The UTSA email account provides additional security deemed appropriate by the institution. Students should not share login or password information related to this email as university officials assume the person in control of the account is the student to whom the account was assigned. Students are responsible for all official information sent to their UTSA email account and should exercise extreme caution when sending confidential or sensitive information, such as social security numbers, because email is not a fully secure platform. Students may set up an automatic forward of messages to another account, but students do so at their own risk and students are still responsible for all information in their UTSA email, including attachments. 

Students submitting requests to any University office must do so using only their UTSA email. University officials will not respond with detailed or sensitive information to any  non-UTSA email account. Students must check their UTSA email accounts regularly (daily is suggested). Not having seen an important UTSA email message from a faculty member or other University administrator or administrative office is not accepted as an excuse for failure to review a UTSA email or to take important action.