Catalog of Graduation

Undergraduate students have six years from their semester of original registration to complete a degree program under the catalog in effect when they initially registered. A student may choose a subsequent catalog under which to complete graduation requirements, provided the student completed at least one course during a semester in which the selected catalog was in effect with a letter grade other than “W,” “NR,” or “F.” The student must complete all degree requirements under the subsequent catalog.

Choosing a new catalog begins a new four-year time limit. Students who graduate under one catalog and begin a second degree must begin the new degree under the catalog in effect at that time with a four-year time limit to complete the second degree under that catalog. A student must have an approved catalog at the time an application for graduation is filed. All continuing students requesting a catalog change must do so through their assigned advisor.

Students admitted to certain colleges or degree programs may be required to update to the catalog in effect at the time of admission. Students can confirm whether admission to a certain program will require a change of catalog by consulting their assigned advisor.