Graduation Dates

Degrees are awarded at the end of each Fall, Spring, and Summer semester. Commencement ceremonies are held in December and May at the end of the Fall and Spring semesters. Undergraduate ­students who graduate at the end of the Summer Semester may participate in either the May or the December commencement ceremony.

Information regarding Graduation and Commencement is available on the One Stop Enrollment website.

Applying for the Degree

It is the student’s responsibility to officially apply for their degree by submitting an Application for Graduation online through myUTSA. Students must have earned at least 85 semester credit hours to apply online for graduation. Students must read and follow instructions carefully to ensure the application is accurate and successfully submitted. When the application has been accepted, students receive a confirmation number. Students having problems submitting the application should contact Graduation Coordination at ­

While enrolled at UTSA, students who attend other colleges are required to submit official academic transcripts to the Office of Admissions from every college attended at the end of the semester during which coursework was undertaken, even if courses have been withdrawn. This includes concurrent enrollment while attending UTSA. Failure to do so may result in the rejection of the graduation application, cancellation of enrollment, permanent dismissal from UTSA, or other appropriate disciplinary action.

The following are deadlines for submitting an application for graduation:

Fall Semester Graduation

  • Priority deadline: July 15
  • Final deadline: Septemeber 15

Spring Semester Graduation

  • Priority deadline: November 15
  • Final deadline: February 15

Summer Semester Graduation

  • June 15
  • Summer candidates wishing to participate in the May ceremony must apply by February 15.

Students applying to graduate with multiple degrees, majors, concentrations, and/or minors may not apply online; they must download and complete the application from the One Stop Enrollment website, then submit the completed application via email to or by uploading through the Document Uploader.

The student's assigned academic advisor is responsible for auditing the student’s degree plan. Students must apply one semester prior to the intended graduation semester to ensure that all degree requirements are met. Students should contact their assigned academic advisor for more information.

If all University-wide and degree program requirements have been satisfied, an undergraduate student is not required to be registered for classes during the semester in which they apply for graduation.

If requested by a student, a Letter of Degree Completion is prepared by the student’s assigned academic advisor after the close of the End of Term date of the semester in which all degree requirements have been met.

Degrees are posted to transcripts within 30 days of the End of Term date for the semester of graduation, and diplomas are mailed within 60 days of the End of Term.

Degree Verification

Graduation verification is a two-step process.

  1. The student’s assigned academic advisor does a preliminary verification. The student is responsible for completing all coursework and submitting any or all of the following to their academic advisor by the end of the term (see the Academic Calendar for End of Term dates) in which graduation is expected:
    • Outstanding transcripts
    • CLEP, AP, and IB credit
    • Petitions for substitutions
    • Change of major/minor
    • Change of catalog
  2. A final degree verification occurs once all grades are posted for the graduation semester; the degree plan is reviewed by the student’s assigned academic advisor once again, and the college Dean authorizes the certification for graduation.

Students who apply for the degree in a given semester but do not fulfill all requirements must file a new Application for Graduation on or before the appropriate deadline for the next semester in which they intend to graduate.

Applying for a Certificate

It is the student’s responsibility to apply for the certificate by submitting a completed Application for Undergraduate Certificate via email to or by uploading through the Document Uploader no later than September 15 for the Fall Semester, February 15 for the Spring Semester, or June 15 for the Summer Semester. The application form is located on the One Stop Enrollment website. Students with questions about the application should contact Graduation Coordination at ­

Graduation with University Latin Honors

See the current issue of UTSA Student Policies for Graduation with University Latin Honors criteria.