Fees for Resource Use

Housing Cancellation Fee (CVCC)

A fee, based on the date of cancellation, is charged all students who submit a late cancellation of their housing contract or who move out after the contract begins, to defray costs associated with vacancies. The detailed cancellation fee structure is included in the housing agreement completed by each student to reserve on campus housing and is considered the document of record regarding the cancellation process. The fee structure is designed to encourage early decision-making regarding cancellations. The fee for an approved cancellation will range from $175 to $900 depending on the actual cancellation date. The housing deposit will be released and may be used to offset the cancellation fee.

Housing Damage Fee (CVMI)

A fee based on the actual cost of damages sustained is charged all students to defray costs associated with actual repairs made that are not normal wear and tear items.

Housing Late Payment Fee (CVLF)

A fee of $30 is charged all students for each late payment of their Housing rent to defray costs associated with collection of past due rent.

Learning Disability Testing Fee

A fee of $100 (pre-screening), $300 (screening) and $500 (comprehensive) is assessed to defray the costs of students requesting psychological assessment services from Counseling Services.

Locker Fee

A limited number of lockers are available for student use in the Library. The locker fee is $25 per semester and $10 for the summer session. Graduate students are given priority. Students who wish to use lockers in the music, architecture and interior design, and visual arts departments will be required to pay a $15 per semester fee.

Optional Practical Training (OPT) Service Charge (OPT1 / OPT2)

A charge of $150 for OPT Svc Charge (12 months) and $250 for OPT Svc Charge (24 months) is assessed to defray costs associated with providing materials, services and administrative support to applicants for the Optional Practical Training (OPT) programs.

Placement Test FeeĀ 

Certain courses require a placement test before course enrollment. Students should contact the Office of Testing Services for information about placement testing and test fees.

Service Extension Fee - Counseling Services (CSEF)

A one-time charge of $25 is assessed to students seeking Counseling and Mental Health Services during the summer term(s) to defray costs of providing counseling, consultation, and psychiatry extended treatment or services past the conclusion of the spring semester.

Texas Education Agency (TEA) Pass-Through Fee (TEAP)

A fee of $35 is assessed to each student admitted to the Education Preparation Program to defray the Texas Education Agency mandated fee.