Former UTSA students who have not been in attendance for more than three consecutive semesters (Summer term included) must reapply for admission by submitting an application by the deadline. The application should be submitted electronically through ApplyTexas or Common App. International students who have not been in attendance for one semester, excluding the summer semester, must reapply for admission.

When reapplying for admission to UTSA, students are not at liberty to disregard previous college work attempted. All former students returning to UTSA who have attended other institutions of higher education since they were last enrolled at UTSA must submit an official transcript from each institution.

Eligibility for readmission depends on the student’s academic status at the conclusion of the last UTSA semester of enrollment and performance on any subsequent college or university work attempted since last enrolled at UTSA.

Evaluation of any subsequent coursework attempted is based on a requirement of a 2.0 grade point average using a four-point grade scale. The only transferable college-level work evaluated is that earned since last enrolled at UTSA. A former student applying after a first dismissal with work in progress at the time of the application will be deferred for receipt of grades from the work in progress.

Former UTSA students who were academically dismissed during their previous period of enrollment and wish to return to UTSA, must follow the guidelines outlined in the “Academic Standing/Academic Dismissal and Reinstatement Policy and Procedures” section of this publication.

Students who are readmitted for any semester and do not register for courses or withdraw from all courses prior to census date must submit a new ApplyTexas application and a nonrefundable application processing fee for any future term. If additional college-level work from an accredited institution is attempted, an official transcript reflecting that work also is needed.

Students who withdrew from the University to perform military service (not including Texas National Guard training exercises) will not have to requalify for admission and may be readmitted by the Office of the Registrar upon a request made within one year of being released from active military service. A returning student may be eligible for the same financial assistance provided before the student’s withdrawal.

Undergraduate Admissions reserves the right to require students to resubmit official documents from former institutions at the time of applying for readmission.