Business Law (BLW)

Business Law (BLW) Courses

BLW 3013. Business Law. (3-0) 3 Credit Hours.

This course provides a practical understanding of the legal aspects of managing and/or owning a business. Topics may include how to legally structure your business, licenses and permits, selecting insurance, hiring and terminating employees, independent contractors, negotiating leases, contracts, raising money and buying a business. (Credit cannot be earned for both BLW 3013 and BLW 3033.) Generally offered: Fall, Spring, Summer. Differential Tuition: $126. Course fee: DL01 $75.

BLW 3023. Business Organizations and Commercial Law. (3-0) 3 Credit Hours.

Prerequisite: BLW 3013 or the equivalent. A detailed legal analysis of the Uniform Commercial Code, including sales, commercial paper, bank deposits and collections, electronic transfer funds, letters of credit, secured transactions, and creditors’ remedies. This course may also include a discussion of the Bankruptcy Act, the legal analysis of the Uniform Partnership Act, and the Business Corporations Act. Generally offered: Fall, Spring. Differential Tuition: $126.

BLW 3033. Business Law for Accountants. (3-0) 3 Credit Hours.

Prerequisite: Declared accounting major; finance major with a 3.3 minimum GPA; or consent of Department Chair. Students will study legal topics required for the accounting profession. These topics may include legal duties and responsibilities, agency, common law contracts, UCC contracts and leases, debtor-creditor relationships, government regulation of business, business formation and governance, and other issues in law and regulations that affect accounting. Accounting students cannot take BLW 3013 or BLW 3023 as a substitution for BLW 3033. Generally offered: Fall, Spring, Summer. Differential Tuition: $126.

BLW 3523. Real Estate Law. (3-0) 3 Credit Hours.

Topics may include the legal environment of real property ownership and transfer and legal brokerage; estates in land; sales contracts; mortgage transactions; title conveyances; landlord and tenant; restrictions and zoning; eminent domain; and negotiations. (Same as RFD 3523. Credit cannot be earned for both RFD 3523 and BLW 3523.) Generally offered: Fall. Differential Tuition: $126. Course fee: DL01 $75.