Interdisciplinary School for Engagement in Humanities and Social Sciences

The Interdisciplinary School for Engagement in Humanities and Social Sciences offers the Certificate in Latin American Studies at the graduate level.

Graduate Certificate in Latin American Studies

The Graduate Certificate in Latin American Studies is a 15-semester-credit-hour certificate available to degree-seeking students who have been admitted to any UTSA graduate program, as well as to non-degree seeking graduate students who meet all the requirements outlined in the UTSA Graduate Catalog.

The Graduate Certificate in Latin American Studies offers advanced and multidisciplinary coursework designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the foundations of Latin American cultures, including skills necessary for applied work. This certificate will be particularly valuable for students in the social sciences and humanities who are interested in building cultural competency in Latin America and the international arena.

The Graduate Certificate in Latin American Studies requires completion of 15 semester credit hours of graduate coursework related to Latin America and/or Latinx people in the U.S. In order to ensure students obtain a multidisciplinary perspective on Latin America, it is required that the courses be housed in at least two different departments, with at least 6 semester credit hours outside the student’s home department. Thus, students can individualize their program of study to meet their own specific areas of interest, while ensuring thematic breadth across disciplines. It is strongly encouraged to have basic proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese.

In addition to the courses outlined below, study abroad programs and courses taken as part of an international education program in Latin America also qualify for the Graduate Certificate.

The courses listed in the Program of Study below all qualify for the certificate. In addition, any graduate course cross-listed with a LAS prefix qualifies for the certificate. Courses not on the list below that have significant Latin American and/or Latinx content may be applied to the certificate, with the approval of the graduate certificate coordinator.

Program of Study

Required Courses: Must include at least two content areas and 6 credit hours outside home department.15
Maya Civilization
Seminar in Andean Archaeology and Ethnography
Ancient Civilizations
Special Problems (Footsteps of Early Maya Explorers)
Special Problems (Seminars that include significant Latin American content)
Art and Art History
Topics in Mesoamerican Pre-Columbian Art
Topics in Latin American Colonial Art
Topics in Contemporary Latin American Art
Topics in Art History (Only when course includes significant Latin American content)
Mexican American History
The U.S.–Mexico Border
Colonial Mexico
Modern Mexico
Colonial Latin America
Latina/os in the United States
Topics in Latin American History
Modern Languages and Literatures
Hispanic Film
History of Ideas in the Hispanic World
Latin American Civilization
Topics in Hispanic Cultures
Latin American Literature to Modernism
Latin American Literature from Modernism to the Present
Mexican American Literature
Topics in Hispanic Literatures
Political Science and Geography
Mexican Politics
Topics in Comparative and International Politics
Special Problems
Latina/o Literature
Latina/o Studies: Text and Context
Seminar: Latina/o Studies
Total Credit Hours15

Museum Studies (MSM) Courses

MSM 5003. Foundations of Museum Studies. (3-0) 3 Credit Hours.

An introduction to the history of museums and the practices of contemporary cultural institutions. Course includes a general overview of the field of museum studies, including curatorship, collections management, fieldwork, exhibits, interpretation, educational and public programming, marketing, fundraising, and administration. Course fees: GL01 $90; STLF $18.48.

MSM 5813. Topics in Museum Studies. (3-0) 3 Credit Hours.

Advanced examination of one or more topics in the museum profession. May be repeated for credit when topics vary. Course fees: GL01 $90; STLF $18.48.