University College Studies (UCS)

University College Studies (UCS) Courses

UCS 2011. UTSA Engage: A Service-Learning Experience. (1-0) 1 Credit Hour.

Students will be engaged in a minimum of 15 hours of pre-approved, unpaid service in a non-profit or public sector organization in the San Antonio region. Coupled with their service experience will be an online learning environment that will engage students in readings on the nature of service, community engagement, social issues prevalent in the region, and other prompts to engage students in critical thinking and reflection. The service must be performed within the semester that a student is registered. A student may not use another course requirement to complete this credit, it must be an independent experience. A student may repeat the course once for additional credit with the service experience being at a different placement than their previous experience.

UCS 2023. Principles of Recovery and Relapse Prevention. (3-0) 3 Credit Hours.

This course evaluates the knowledge, skills, values, and self-awareness required for addiction recovery, and explores theories of recovery, relapse prevention principles, and general wellness concepts. Required for Center for Collegiate Recovery students; open to all students.

UCS 2033. Personal Career Planning. (3-0) 3 Credit Hours.

This course provides knowledge of career development theories and decision-making models, current national and state-specific labor market trends, and provides career and occupational resources. Course includes opportunities for self-assessment and career assessment results, including interest, personality, values clarification inventories and skills identification as they relate to occupational choices. This course equips students with skills that help them make positive career decisions throughout their education at UTSA and their career trajectory. (Formerly COU 2103. Credit cannot be earned for both UCS 2033 and COU 2103).

UCS 3201. Graduate School Workshop. (1-0) 1 Credit Hour.

This course is designed to help students prepare for admission to graduate school and, particularly, for admission to Ph.D. programs. The course addresses a variety of pertinent topics, such as how one decides whether to attend graduate school, what type of graduate program one should select, how students can improve their chances of being admitted to the programs of their choice, how to choose select specific programs to apply to, how to prepare an effective application, and how to pay for graduate study. The course also will provide students with practical advice for preparing for the GRE. This course may be repeated for credit.