Course Numbering System

All courses are designated by four-digit numbers following a two- or three-letter abbreviation of the subject of the course. The first digit indicates the level of the course. Courses beginning with “0” are developmental education courses and may not be counted toward a degree. Courses beginning with “1” or “2” are lower-division (freshman and sophomore level). Courses beginning with “3” or “4” are upper-division (junior and senior level). Courses beginning with a “5” or higher are graduate-level courses.

The second and third digits in the course numbers are used within the colleges by each department to distinguish individual courses. The fourth digit indicates the semester-credit-hour value of each course.

The number of lecture and laboratory contact hours per week are provided in parentheses in the course description sections of the UTSA Graduate Catalog immediately following the course number and title. For example, (3-0) indicates three hours of lecture and zero hours of laboratory per week.


Prerequisites are stated for many courses listed in this catalog. Prerequisites advise students of the background expected of all students in the course. It is the student’s responsibility to be sure that all prerequisites are met before enrolling in any course. When a student has not met the specific prerequisites listed, he or she may, under special conditions, obtain permission to register from the instructor of the course. Some colleges may also require the permission of the Department Chair and the Associate Dean. Students who do not meet prerequisites for a course and do not have the appropriate permissions to register may be dropped from the course.

Extended Education Courses

The Office of Extended Education develops and presents seminars, online courses, conferences, and programs for the general public, professionals, governmental agencies, and businesses. It also provides specialized training to businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations needing customized programs for their employees. These courses are not offered for academic credit. For information, contact the Office of Extended Education.

Distance Learning Courses

UTSA participates in the UT Online Consortium (UTOC). Degree-seeking graduate students taking courses through this ­system, that are not hosted by UTSA, must still meet all UTSA ­residence requirements. For information on the UT Online Consortium, see Chapter 6, Academic Resources and Student Services, of the UTSA Information Bulletin or the UTOC website at ­

Independent Study Courses

No more than six hours of independent study courses or directed research, regardless of discipline, will apply toward a degree.