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BIO 4923. Laboratory Research: Biology Concentrations. (0-0) 3 Credit Hours.

Permission in writing (form available in the Biology Department Office) from the faculty mentor, the student’s advisor, the Department Chair, and the Dean of the College. Supervised laboratory research mentored by a faculty member engaged in active research within the student’s designated area of concentration. May be repeated for credit, but no more than 6 semester credit hours will apply to a bachelor’s degree. Only 6 semester credit hours of BIO 3043, BIO 4911-3, BIO 4923 and BIO 4993, in any combination, can be taken as BIO electives. Additional research hours of these courses (excluding Independent Study) may be taken as free electives, for a maximum of 12 research hours being applied to the bachelor’s degree. Generally offered: Fall, Spring, Summer. Course Fees: LRS1 $15; STSI $15.

Department of Biology

...Students are also encouraged to enroll in BIO 4923 Laboratory Research: Biology Concentrations as part...