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MSCĀ 3013. Training Management and the Warfighting Functions. (3-0) 3 Credit Hours.

Prerequisites: MSC 1012, MSC 1122, MSC 2012, and MSC 2022, or consent of instructor. Concurrent enrollment in MSC 3011. Concurrent enrollment in MSC 3011. This course introduces students to Military Mission Planning, the Army Operations Order Process, Military Land Navigation, the Tenants of Mission Command and the tactical skills and knowledge needed to lead at the squad and platoon level. At the conclusion of this course, students will be capable of planning, coordinating, navigating, motivating and leading a squad and platoon in the execution of a mission during a classroom PE, a Leadership Lab, or during a Leader Training Exercise (LTX). Students will receive feedback on their abilities as a leader and how to improve those leader skills that they can be further developed into a successful U.S. Army officer. Students attend three hours of lecture, two hours of leadership laboratory (MSC 3011) and organized physical fitness training weekly. Students will have an opportunity to participate in one weekend exercise; additional weekend exercises may be offered. Concurrent enrollment in KIN 1001 Ind PhysAct: AROTC is recommended. (Formerly titled "Leading Small Organizations I"). Generally offered: Fall.

13. Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Programs

...complete MSC 3013 / MSC 3011 , MSC 3023 / MSC 3021 , MSC 4013 / MSC 4011 , and MSC...