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GLA 3593. Topics in Latin American Security. (3-0) 3 Credit Hours.

Prerequisite: POL 1013 or GLA 1013. This seminar examines key questions for regional security in Latin America. Although drawing on scholarly and historical materials, this course focuses essentially on contemporary regional security and includes general topics, such as regional security, peace and war in Latin America, civil-military relations, drug trafficking, and public security. The cases are selected in part to provide geographical balance and contemporary relevance, but also to demonstrate the contrasts between traditional and emerging security questions in the region. (Same as POL 3593. Credit cannot be earned for both GLA 3593 and POL 3593.).

Department of Communication

...World Regional Geography 3 GLA 1013 U.S...3293 , COM 3493 , COM 3593 , COM 3693 , and...