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GEO 4063. Advanced Environmental Geology. (3-0) 3 Credit Hours.

Prerequisites: GEO 1103 and GEO 1111. An analysis of human interaction with geologic systems; the risks and effects of natural geologic hazards such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and floods. Topics will include the effects of human activity on natural systems such as groundwater quality and recharge, river systems, coastal hazards, energy resources, and climate change. The meaning of "sustainability" as a long-term concept and tools to assess and work with Earth systems to avoid endangering human life and property are also topics that are applied and addressed. GEO 4063 is a writing intensive course and project management skills are utilized in working on geologic investigations and solutions for resource management and in analyzing and mitigating natural hazard events. Course Fees: LRS1 $15; STSI $15.