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EEĀ 5453. Topics in Software Engineering. (3-0) 3 Credit Hours.

Prerequisite: EE 5123 or consent of instructor. Topic 1: Large Domain-Specific Software Architectures. Software engineering approaches; scenario-based design processes to analyze large problem domains; domain modeling and representations; creation of component-based architecture providing an object-oriented representation of system requirements; and development of large software class project. Topic 2: Embedded Software Systems Design. Dataflow models, uniprocessor and multiprocessor scheduling, hardware/software codesign, hierarchical finite state machines, synchronous languages, reactive systems, and heterogeneous systems. Topic 3: Embedded Software Testing and Quality Assurance. Systematic testing of embedded software systems; unit (module), integration and system level testing; software verification; hardware/software cotesting; code inspections; use of metrics; quality assurance; measurement and prediction of software reliability; software maintenance; software reuse and reverse engineering. Topic 4: Advanced Engineering Programming. Programming in the cloud, advanced engineering design problems and techniques using C++ and Java, advanced data structures and complexity analysis of algorithms, dynamic programming using Perl and Python, and large-scale and real-world group and individual projects. May be repeated for credit as topics vary.