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EE 5243. Topics in Systems and Control. (3-0) 3 Credit Hours.

Prerequisite: EE 5143. Topics may include the following: Topic 1: Adaptive Systems and Control. Current methods in adaptive systems and control including stability, convergence, robustness, system identification, recursive parameter estimation, and design of parameterized controllers. Topic 2: Optimal Control. Optimal and suboptimal techniques for controller design using the principle of optimality, min-max principles, and induced norm minimization. Topic 3: Nonlinear Control Systems. Nonlinear systems modeling, existence and uniqueness of solutions, phase plane analysis, Lyapunov stability, and advanced nonlinear techniques. Topic 4: Computational Intelligence. A study of neuron models, basic neural nets and parallel distributed processing, and sound mathematical intuition and applications about neural network algorithms and architectures. Includes theory of fuzzy sets, foundations of fuzzy logic, and genetic algorithms. Course emphasizes engineering applications; control, pattern recognition, damage assessment, and decisions. Topic 5: System of Systems Science and Engineering. Introduction to Systems Engineering, Large-Scale Complex Systems, System of Systems (SoS). Architecture and Modeling of System of Systems Engineering, Distributed and Cooperative Control of SoS, discrete-event simulation systems (DEVS) principles and applications, Autonomous Control Systems via Computational Intelligence Tools, principle component analysis and data mining techniques for SoS, V-Lab® a Virtual Laboratory and Matlab software for intelligent SoS, case studies: Sensor Networks, System of Robots, Future Combat Systems, Wireless Networks, System of Energy. Topic 6: Advanced Topics of Embedded Control Systems. Study control techniques for embedded systems. Emphasis on hybrid system configuration, data acquisition, sensing and fundamentals for motion control system. Control schemes include NI DAQ based control and FPGA based control. Topic 7: Advanced Power Electronics. DC-DC Converter dynamics and control, soft-switching operation, resonant power conversion, magnetics design, power factor correction, space vector PWM for inverters, matrix converter, other advanced converter topologies. May be repeated for credit as topics vary.