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CHEĀ 3854. Basic Biophysical Chemistry Lecture/Lab. (3-3) 4 Credit Hours.

Prerequisites: A grade of "C-" or better in CHE 2603, MAT 1214, PHY 1963 (or PHY 1623), and PHY 1971 (or PHY 1631). The primary goal of basic biophysical chemistry is to help students develop a fundamental understanding of the physical principles that drive biological processes, particularly as applied to proteins. Topics covered include protein structure, molecular thermodynamics, structure simulation, basic statistical mechanics, quantum mechanics and spectroscopy. This course cannot be used as an upper-division chemistry elective by students pursuing a B.S. in Chemistry. Generally offered: Spring. Course Fees: IUC1 $15; L001 $30; LRS1 $20; STSI $20.