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CHEĀ 3804. Physical Chemistry I and Laboratory. (3-3) 4 Credit Hours.

Prerequisites: A grade of "C-" or better in CHE 1113 (or CHE 1153), CHE 1131, CHE 2803, PHY 1963 and PHY 1971. The laws of thermodynamics; free energy and chemical potential; ideal and nonideal gases; equilibria; solutions; kinetic theory of gases; kinetics. Laboratory study of selected physicochemical principles and methods to reinforce lecture topics. Data acquisition, data analysis, and report writing are stressed. (Formerly CHE 3204 and CHE 3803/3811. Credit cannot be earned for more than one of the following: CHE 3204, CHE 3803/3811, or CHE 3804.) (Formerly titled "Thermodynamics and Kinetics.") Generally offered: Fall. Course Fees: IUC1 $15; L001 $30; LRS1 $20; STSI $20.