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C&I 4646. Clinical Teaching: Grades 7–12. (0-0) 6 Credit Hours.

Prerequisites: Admission to the Teacher Certification Program and the clinical teaching semester, and completion of C&I 4203, EDP 3203, EDP 4203, and LTED 3773 (English majors must take LTED 3683 instead of LTED 3773). Can lack no more than 6 hours in content subject matter. A grade of "B-" or better in C&I 4203. A grade of "C-" or better is required for the clinical teaching course to be recommended for teacher certification. Individuals must apply to the director of clinical teaching one semester in advance. Full semester of full-day clinical teaching in grades 7–12. Student teacher will be responsible for planning, implementing, and evaluating instruction in collaboration with the cooperating teacher and in conjunction with the UTSA supervisor. Individuals pursuing a Basic Secondary Certificate, Concentration A, will student teach in the single teaching field for which certification is sought. Individuals with two teaching fields will student teach in their major teaching field. Seminars explore issues in teaching practice. Generally offered: Fall, Spring. Course Fees: LRH1 $10; STF1 $57; STSH $30.