Housing and Residence Life

At UTSA, students have a choice of on-campus housing options. Its newest residential facility–Alvarez Hall, opened Fall 2013. This facility, along with Laurel Village and Chaparral Village, are owned and managed by UTSA. Campus Living Villages (CLV), a for-profit, privately owned company, owns and operates both Chisholm Hall and University Oaks Apartments pursuant to a long-term ground lease with the University. A student choosing one of these two options is contracting with a private company (CLV), not the University. All on-campus housing is on a first-come, first-served basis. Students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible after they are admitted to UTSA.

If a student applies for on-campus housing, UTSA is entitled to check the student’s criminal history record. If information contained in the record is used to deny on-campus housing to the student, the student will be notified.

Campus Residence Hall (UTSA)

All 618 Alvarez Hall residents have private, individual rooms with a connecting shared bathroom. Alvarez Hall offers a strong residential community that can foster lifelong friendships. Three special interest housing communities are located in Alvarez Hall and include Honors College, Leadership and Service, and Engineering. Special interest housing options provide residents with the opportunity to live in communities with other like-minded residents. For questions regarding Honors College, contact Alegra Lozano at 210-458-6462, or Alegra.Lozano@utsa.edu. For questions about Engineering, contact Heather Wantuch at 210-458-5069. For information about Leadership and Service, contact the Student Leadership Center at 210-458-7968. Anyone interested in any of these communities should apply online at the Office of Housing and Residence Life website. Residents with less than 48 credit hours must purchase a meal plan.

Campus Suites (UTSA)

Chaparral Village and Laurel Village provide living accommodations to approximately 1,680 students in 2- or 4-private-bedroom units. Each fully furnished unit has a living room and a kitchenette with a microwave, sink, and full-sized refrigerator. Rates include extended basic cable, wireless and broadband high-speed internet, and free laundry. There are several community centers that include laundry facilities, study rooms, full-size kitchens, and recreational/program areas. The City Centers have a computer laboratory, a conference room, and space for larger gatherings. Other amenities include basketball courts and a swimming pool. Residents with less than 48 credit hours must purchase a meal plan. For more information, call 210-458-6200, or apply online at the Office of Housing and Residence Life website.

Campus Residence Hall (CLV)

Chisholm Hall is a traditional-style residence hall that offers 365-square-foot double- and single-occupancy furnished rooms with private bathrooms and large closets. Utilities include electricity, extended basic cable, and internet access. The facility has a community kitchen and lounge. The Activity Center has an indoor lap pool, digital surround-sound theater with gaming outlets, and computer lab. Meal plans are required for residents with less than 48 credit hours. For further information, contact the office at 210-687-4400, or complete an application and contract online.

Campus Apartments (CLV)

University Oaks Apartments offers seven different floor plans with private bedrooms, full-service kitchens, and dining areas. Amenities include three swimming pools and hot tubs, three laundry centers, two sand volleyball courts, three study rooms, and a basketball court. Small dogs and cats are allowed with registration. There is a leasing center (Phase 3), student clubhouse (Phase 2), and an operations/finance office (Phase 1). Rates include electricity, internet, and extended basic cable. Meal plans are optional. For further information, contact the office at 210-877-4000, or complete an application and contract online.

Housing Options Serving the UTSA Downtown Campus

Amazing things are being planned for the UTSA Downtown Campus, including a mixed-use facility with a variety of living options, dining, and other retail. In the meantime, there are several options available now for students wanting an urban-living experience convenient to the Downtown Campus. For further information, contact Housing and Residence Life at 210-458-6200 or visit the Downtown Campus housing website.


Although it does not make recommendations regarding off-campus housing options, the Office of Student Life does make information available to help students find accommodations in the San Antonio area. You may contact the Office of Student Life, located in Student Union, room 2.02.18 (above the bookstore), for off-campus housing information at 210-458-4720, or e-mail them at StudentLife@utsa.edu.

Students are strongly encouraged to research the safety of the neighborhoods and/or apartment complexes in which they are considering living. Information regarding crime statistics can be found online (including San Antonio Crime Reports) or by contacting local law enforcement (including UTSA Police Department, San Antonio Police Department, the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office).

Students considering moving into a house need to make sure they are aware of all applicable zoning laws and homeowner's association requirements and abide by all of them. There will be neighbors with full-time jobs, families, and small children, so students renting in a neighborhood should remain cognizant of how their actions may affect others. Be a good neighbor.