Parking Services

Parking on all UTSA campuses requires either 1) the purchase of a UTSA parking permit or 2) the payment of an hourly fee at a short-term parking space. A variety of parking permit options are available to best fit individual needs. For more information, including permit types, prices, and parking locations, please visit

Disabled Veteran Parking

Upon registration and proper notification to Campus Services, owners of vehicles displaying specialty license plates, as identified in Texas Transportation Code 504.315 and 504.316 only, are exempt from the payment of fees at paid short term surface parking and are further exempt from the payment of fees for any University surface parking permit for which they are otherwise eligible, in accordance with State Law. The value of the no charge permit received cannot be applied to future permit upgrades and is not refund eligible. This privilege applies to the veteran only and not to anyone else driving the vehicle.

This parking privilege does not apply to 1) a parking space or area located in a controlled access parking facility if at least 50 percent of the number of parking spaces or areas designated specifically for persons with physical disabilities on the property of the institution of higher education are located outside a controlled access parking facility; 2) an area temporarily designated for special event parking; or an area where parking is temporarily prohibited for health or safety concerns.