Withdrawal from the University

Continuing graduate students who wish to withdraw (drop all courses for which they are enrolled during a specific semester) from the University before the first class day of the Fall or Spring Semester may do so via ASAP. Students who wish to withdraw from the University before the start of Summer classes may withdraw via ASAP through the Friday prior to the start of the ten-week summer term. All other Summer withdrawals must be completed as stated in the following paragraph.

Students who find it necessary to withdraw (drop all courses for which they are enrolled during a specific term) must submit a completed Withdrawal Form at the One Stop Enrollment Center. The Withdrawal Form must have all required signatures for the withdrawal to be processed. The Withdrawal Form is available online on the Office of the Registrar’s website.

Students may not withdraw from the University later than the third class day preceding final examinations in the Spring and Fall Semesters. Students who officially withdraw from the University after Census Date receive grades of “W” in all classes.

Students who withdraw from all classes are subject to the University’s academic probation and dismissal regulations. Students withdrawing should refer to the regulations on refunds of tuition and fees, readmission policies, and requirements for maintaining registration.

Withdrawals for international graduate students also require the consent of the Office of International Programs.

Academic appointments (Teaching Assistant and Graduate Assistant positions) may not extend beyond the effective date of a student’s withdrawal.

Withdrawal for Military Service

A student who withdraws as a result of being called to active military service may choose (1) to receive a refund of tuition and fees for the semester; (2) if eligible, to be assigned an incomplete (IN) in each course (refer to Graduate Students section Explanation of Credit, Grading System, and Symbols); or (3) at the instructor’s discretion, to receive a final grade in courses where he or she has completed a substantial amount of coursework and has demonstrated sufficient mastery of the course material.

As a benefit to those students who withdrew from the University to perform military service (not including Texas National Guard Training exercises) and have not attended another institution long enough to receive grades, UTSA will not require them to requalify for admission. In order to take advantage of this benefit, the students must request readmission from the Office of the Registrar within one year of being released from active military service, and submit in writing a statement indicating he/she did not attend another university during this time period. Returning students who have attended another institution long enough to receive grades, must reapply to the University. A returning student may be eligible for the same financial assistance provided before the student’s withdrawal. If the student was deployed in combative military operations outside the United States, he or she will be readmitted regardless of how much time has passed since initial admission. Any test scores the student previously submitted will be accepted and any course credit previously earned will be applied.

Medical Withdrawal from the University

Students are advised to contact Student Health Services for more information at 210-458-4142.

Mental Health Withdrawal from the University

Students are advised to contact Counseling Services for more information at 210-458-4140.