Inactivation of Admission

There are circumstances whereby an applicant or admitted student may wish to cancel his or her admission to UTSA. Cancellation of admission triggers cancellation of course registrations, financial aid awards, and housing applications and contracts.


Applicants and admitted students may cancel their admission any time prior to the first day of class for the expected semester of enrollment as indicated on the application for admission.


  • Applicants and admitted students who meet the above restrictions should initiate the request in writing to Undergraduate Admissions stating the desire to cancel the application for admission.
  • It is preferred to have the request submitted via a letter or e-mail that provides the student’s full name, date of birth, and student ID number to ensure correct identification.


  • Students who cancel admission and later wish to enroll at UTSA must reapply for admission according to the requirements and procedures stated in the UTSA Information Bulletin current at the time of application.
  • Application fees submitted as part of an application process that is later cancelled are nonrefundable.
  • Documents submitted as part of an application process that is later cancelled remain the property of UTSA.
  • Students who cancel their admission after attending an Orientation session will still remain responsible for the payment of all orientation fees and charges they incurred.
  • Any outstanding financial obligations to UTSA incurred prior to cancellation of admission remain in effect after cancellation of admission.