Honors College

The mission of the Honors College is to provide enhanced educational opportunities for selected, motivated, enthusiastic, diverse, and inquisitive students and to foster the pursuit of excellence in undergraduate higher education. The underlying philosophy of the program is that well-educated individuals should understand broad, interdisciplinary perspectives while demonstrating expertise in their chosen field.

The Honors College is a community of highly talented and motivated students who want the excitement and stimulation of a comprehensive, urban university and the individual attention available in an Honors College. The Honors College is open to students from all academic disciplines. Members of the Honors College pursue a rigorous academic program which satisfies all requirements of their academic departments and colleges and goes beyond those requirements to provide the basis for outstanding achievement and appropriate recognition for that achievement. The Honors College offers small classes with greater opportunities for student participation, increased student-faculty contact, greater individual attention, lively discussions of important issues, special interdisciplinary seminars, community service opportunities, encouragement of study abroad, learning of foreign languages, and supervised research and internship experiences. All these activities are designed to challenge talented students.

All admissions to the Honors College are on an invitation-only basis. Incoming new freshmen and transfer students are automatically considered for Honors College eligibility based on the student’s information at the time of application to UTSA. Current UTSA students are automatically considered for Honors College eligibility based on their cumulative GPA and completed credit hours as of the semester prior to invitation. Admission is competitive and contingent upon number of seats available for any given year. Admission information is posted at http://honors.utsa.edu/admissions/the-process.

Participation in the Honors College typically supplements, but does not replace, work in a major field. Credits earned in Honors College courses may be used to satisfy Core Curriculum requirements or specific degree requirements, when appropriate. Honors College advisors work with advisors in other colleges to assure that students meet all requirements of their major and Honors curriculum.