Unauthorized Distribution of Copyrighted Material

Unauthorized copying or distribution (including peer-to-peer file sharing) of copyrighted works, including without limitation, books, periodicals, software, multimedia and musical works, may be unlawful and may infringe the owner’s copyright. Any use of UTSA computer or duplicating facilities by students, faculty, or staff for the unauthorized duplication or distribution of copyrighted works is subject to:

  • Appropriate disciplinary action
  • Civil remedies
  • Criminal penalties as provided by federal law (UTSA Handbook of Operating Procedures, Chapter 9, 9.11)

The University of Texas System’s policy statement on “Fair Use of Copyrighted Materials” can help you determine whether your use of a copyrighted work is a fair use or requires permission.

Information on UTSA's Unauthorized File Sharing Standard limiting the use of peer-to-peer applications may be found at  https://utsacloud-public.sharepoint.com/Pages/Security/Security/PoliciesAndStandards/Standard-for-Unauthorized-File-Sharing.aspx.