Student Grievances

UTSA students may need to pursue questions or concerns involving academic or nonacademic aspects of student life. General grievance procedures are set forth below. Students may consult with the Student Ombudsperson in the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs if additional information is needed concerning the pursuit of any grievance, or the Academic Affairs Ombudsperson in the Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Academic and Faculty Support for employee related issues within academic affairs.

A student with a grade grievance should refer to the Academic and Grade Grievance Procedure section.

A student grievance may involve a UTSA employee (faculty, staff, or student-employee) or other students. A student with a grievance involving a University employee should first seek to resolve the issue with the employee. If the matter cannot be resolved with the employee, the grievance can be forwarded to the employee’s supervisor. A student who believes another student has violated the Student Code of Conduct may file a complaint with Student Conduct and Community Standards.

In conflict situations that do not require a criminal or student conduct response, or have not been resolved through regular grievance channels, it is recommended that students pursue resolution of their conflict with the Student Ombudsperson or with the Academic Affairs Ombudsperson for academic affairs employee related matters.

Students who believe they have been discriminated against or harassed based upon a protected class and students who are victims of sexual harassment, sexual violence or intimate partner violence can file a complaint with the Equal Opportunity Services office