Disciplinary Actions

A student who has engaged in conduct that violates a rule, regulation, or administrative order of UTSA may have any one or more of the actions listed below imposed (Series 50000, Rule 50101, Sec. 6, Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents). The disciplinary actions assessed in a particular case will be dependent upon the nature of the conduct involved, the circumstances and conditions that existed at the time the student engaged in such conduct, and the results that followed as a natural sequence of such conduct. See theĀ Student Code of Conduct for further explanation of each of the following actions:

  • disciplinary warning
  • disciplinary probation
  • withholding grades, official transcript, or degree
  • bar against readmission or drop from current enrollment and bar against readmission
  • restitution
  • suspension of rights and privileges
  • failing grade
  • suspension
  • expulsion
  • educational programs
  • revocation of degree, denial of degree, and/or withdrawal of diploma
  • deferral of sanction(s)
  • other sanction(s) as deemed appropriate under the circumstances.