Campus Fire Prevention Policies, Fire Log, and Annual Fire Report

The UTSA Department of Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management (EHSRM; serves as the campus authority having jurisdiction and fire marshal for all fire prevention activities. The UTSA Fire and Life Safety Plan details current fire prevention policies and procedures.

EHSRM publishes an annual Campus Fire Report that includes the prior three calendar years of fires in on-campus student housing at UTSA. The report is available to all current and prospective students and employees through the UTSA EHSRM Campus Fire Report website. A copy of these statistics is also provided to the U.S. Department of Education. UTSA EHSRM maintains a fire log at the same website.

The annual report discloses fire statistics for on-campus student housing, and includes descriptions of fire protection systems and fire prevention activities in on-campus student housing. The UTSA Police Department includes the Campus Fire Report in its Campus Security Report, presented in this bulletin.