University College

The University College directs the activities of several areas at UTSA, including:

The College also serves as the academic home for the Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies and oversees the coordination of UTSA’s undergraduate curriculum and UTSA’s undergraduate academic policies and procedures.

All first-year college students are admitted to the university as members of the University College and participate in the university's comprehensive First-Year Experience Program. The goals of the First-Year Experience Program are to ease the transition to university life and to enhance the academic success of first-year students in order to place them on track toward a four-year graduation at the end of their first year.

Core Curriculum and Quality Enhancement Plan

This office provides administrative oversight and support for the implementation and assessment of the University’s Core Curriculum and Quality Enhancement Plan (CCQEP). It is responsible for the coordination of the on-going development, implementation, and evaluation of UTSA’s core curriculum. The office works with the academic departments, the colleges, the Faculty Senate, and the Dean of the University College to facilitate the implementation, review, and revisions of both the Core Curriculum and the QEP.

First-Year Experience Program

The University College at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) offers students the opportunity to realize their potential for academic success by becoming involved in the comprehensive First-Year Experience Program. The First-Year Experience Program is designed to help first-year students transition to university life as well as provides first-year students the academic skills and tools to be successful college students.

In UTSA’s First Year Experience Program students will:

  1. participate in a peer mentor program;
  2. complete Academic Inquiry and Scholarship (AIS 1203), a core curriculum course designed to introduce students to undergraduate research skills, critical thinking skills, and inquiry within three broad academic cultures;
  3. complete the University Peer Mentorship Experience (UPM 1000), an experience designed to help students explore UTSA’s academic and social resources, build UTSA connections, and learn college success strategies;
  4. have the opportunity to enroll in linked courses; and
  5. participate in various campus events designed to enhance the success of first-year students.

For additional information contact the First-Year Experience Program office at (210) 458-7490 or visit