First Year Experience

The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) offers students the opportunity to realize their potential for academic success by becoming involved in the comprehensive First-Year Experience. The First-Year Experience is designed to help first-year students transition to university life as well as provides first-year students the academic skills and tools to be successful college students. First-Year Experience academic coursework and programming is organized according to academic pathways. There are ten different academic pathways: Exploratory; Architecture, Construction, and Planning; Arts & Humanities; Business Studies; Interdisciplinary Education; Life & Health Sciences; Natural & Physical Sciences; Public Service & Policy Studies; Technology, Engineering & Mathematics; and Social Sciences.

In UTSA’s First Year Experience Program students will:

  1. participate in a peer mentor program;
  2. complete Academic Inquiry and Scholarship (AIS 1203), a core curriculum course designed to orient students to different fields of study within their academic pathway. This includes major and career exploration student success and leadership skills;
  3. complete the University Peer Mentorship Experience (UPM 1000), an experience designed to help students explore UTSA’s academic and social resources, build UTSA connections, and learn college success strategies; and
  4. have the opportunity to enroll in a block schedule, a set of courses organized according to an academic pathway.

For additional information contact the First-Year Experience Program office at (210) 458-7490 or visit