UTSA Student Graduation Rate

UTSA serves undergraduate and graduate students from a wide range of backgrounds. Some undergraduate students are recent high school graduates; others are completing a degree after pursuing other goals. Some students work full time or part time and extend their education over a longer period of time, and some students enroll in classes for personal or professional enrichment but choose not to pursue a degree.

For students who began at UTSA in Fall 2011 as first-time freshmen enrolled full time, the graduation rate from UTSA within a six-year period was 36.6 percent (see UTSA First-Time, Full-Time Cohort Information in the Fall 2017 Fact Book). An additional 24 percent of Fall 2011 entering first-time students graduated within six years from other institutions of higher education. Not considered in the calculation of this graduation rate are students who initially enrolled at UTSA as part-time students, who transferred to UTSA to complete their degrees after attending elsewhere, or who attended for reasons other than to obtain a degree.