Registration Procedures

Registration for Classes

Students who attend classes at UTSA must be officially registered or approved to audit a course. Registration instructions are online each semester in ASAP at Questions regarding registration should be directed to the One Stop Enrollment Center or the Office of the Registrar.

UTSA does not guarantee the availability of particular courses or sections, and admission to classes is permitted only until the max­imum number of students allowable in any section has been reached. UTSA reserves the right to cancel any course or section in which the number of registrants does not warrant its continuation.

A student is not permitted to register for classes offered in two consecutive time periods on different campuses, one at the Main Campus and the other at the Downtown Campus, unless there is at least a 40 minute period of time between the end of the first class and the beginning of the second class or the student has received special permission from the Dean of the college of his or her major to register for the two consecutive classes.

Late Registration

Late registration permits students who have been admitted to UTSA to register for classes during an allotted time just prior to and at the beginning of the semester as indicated each semester in the online registration calendar in ASAP at Since many courses will have been closed at capacity, late registrants may need to select their courses from a reduced schedule. Students are not permitted to register after the close of the late registration period, except in extenuating circumstances. See the section Adding Courses After Late Registration.

Adding Courses After Late Registration

Adding a course after the late registration period requires the approval of the course instructor and the chair of the department offering the course. After the Census Date in any semester, ­students may not add courses except in extremely rare and extenuating ­circumstances as approved by the Dean of the college offering the course and by the Dean of the Graduate School.

Appeals to add a course after Census Date must have final approvals and be processed through Enrollment Services no later than one month after Census Date for long Fall and Spring semesters or one week after Census Date for shorter terms of Summer, Fall and Spring semesters. For information on Census Date and deadlines for adding classes, students should refer to the University Calendar or the online registration calendar for each semester.

Undergraduates seeking to register for or to add a graduate course in any of these time periods must obtain the special approvals specified in the section Enrollment in Graduate Courses in Chapter 1, Bachelor’s Degree Regulations, of the UTSA Undergraduate Catalog.

Maximum Hours of Enrollment in Summer Terms

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board sets limits on the number of semester credit hours in which a student may enroll during a semester where the courses are offered in a shortened format. Therefore, students may enroll in no more than 3 semester credit hours in a three-week summer term, no more than 4 semester credit hours in a four-week summer term, no more than 6 semester credit hours in a five-week summer term, and no more than 12 semester credit hours in a ten-week summer term. In particular, a student may enroll in no more than 3 semester credit hours in a three-week mini-mester.

A student may enroll in no more than 15 semester credit hours during an entire Summer Semester, regardless of the combination of terms.