1. Admission


Admission requirements for graduate study at UTSA are designed so that admitted students will have a high probability of success in graduate-level academic work. Graduate study is much more than a continuation of undergraduate work and should be considered only by those students with the capacity for independent thought and investigation.

Students seeking admission to a graduate program should visit the Graduate School's admissions Web site at http://graduateschool.utsa.edu for application forms and instructions.

Select Graduate Admission Program

The Select Graduate Admission Program (SGAP) allows graduate programs to recommend for admission outstanding University undergraduate students with excellent academic records in their junior or senior year to remain at the University of Texas at San Antonio for a graduate degree. Graduate programs may nominate a select number of outstanding undergraduate students.

Undergraduate candidates may be extended an offer of admission, conditional upon completion of the baccalaureate degree.

Additional information about the Select Graduate Admission Program is available at http://graduateschool.utsa.edu in the Graduate School, and from the Graduate Advisor of Record of each graduate program.

Classifications and Requirements

Classifications of graduate admission require approval by the Dean of the Graduate School, the administrative officer responsible for graduate education. The criteria for the various classifications of admission to UTSA are set forth in the admission section.